Are Garden Rooms Worth It

You may wonder if a garden room is worth the investment as it can seem costly. However, garden buildings have endless benefits and can entirely transform your life.  

Most people get a garden building due to their lack of space and are looking to extend their homes. The most popular method to create more space is for people to add an extension to their homes. However, home extensions are complex, costly, and time-consuming. Therefore, in recent years there has been increasing popularity of garden buildings. A garden building is worth the investment if you want a quick and effective solution to your lack of space. Here at ATT, we can make and install your home in 4-6 weeks hassle-free.  

Unlike a home extension, our garden building does not require planning permission; therefore, instant action can be taken, and no time is wasted. 

They are completely versatile.  

Our garden buildings are only limited to your imagination and can be used for whatever purpose you intend. Garden buildings are perfect for you if you are looking for that extra space to chill after a long day at work or a spare room to entertain family and friends on the weekend. Worrying you have nowhere to entertain guests no longer needs to be your problem with one of our bespoke garden buildings; they create an ideal space to host.  

Having your own business is stressful enough without worrying about the additional costs of renting an external space. A rent-free garden building can give you that perfect quiet workspace without distractions. In addition, having an office in your garden allows you to avoid that dreaded commute to work every day, allowing you to invest more time and money into your business.  In regard to the question, are garden rooms worth it, the answer is clearly a big yes.

Working from home sounds like a great idea until you realise too many distractions stop you from working. Our garden buildings are separate from the house, allowing extra privacy away from the family to concentrate on your work.  


Not only do our garden buildings add value to your property by around 5%-15%, depending on the quality, but they are also long-lasting. ATT garden rooms have been designed to last for over 20 years, and we provide a 10-year guarantee on all our garden buildings against warping, cracking & discolouration; T&C apply.  

Due to the materials and structure of our garden buildings, they require minimal maintenance, and therefore you will not be wasting money on trying to keep your garden building in the best condition.  

Fully insulated  

ATT garden buildings come fully insulated and ready to use. Having an insulated garden room means you can enjoy your garden room all year round, staying warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Insulation controls heat flow and noise while stopping condensation in your garden room. Insulating a garden building also adds to the lifespan and helps prevent deterioration, rotting and rusting so you can enjoy your garden room for longer. Insulating your garden room is essential if you are using it as a garden office or workshop as it will help to protect everything on the inside from the cold, moisture, and dampness. 

Suitable for everyone  

An extension may not be suitable for everyone, especially for older buildings with unique exteriors. However, the Garden building is not connected to the house and will not need to match. A garden building will not ruin the beauty of your home, and with our range of colours, you can find which will best suit your garden.  

Are garden rooms worth it? They are.

are garden rooms worth it?