Are garden rooms warm during the winter?

As garden buildings are not attached to your home, it makes sense that you would question if garden rooms stay warm during the winter months. However, this is nothing to worry about. Keeping warm during the winter is essential, and there are many features ATT garden buildings offer that will ensure you are cosy this winter. 

The same as your home 

Being worried about staying warm over the winter is normal, but here at ATT Fabrications, we make your garden building feel like your home and create the perfect space to be warm and cosy during the colder months. This is done with the use of SIP panels that are used in modern new build houses. There is no difference between your home and a garden building when it comes to staying warm, as our garden buildings are still an extension of your house, but not attached to your home.  

ATT garden buildings come fully insulated and ready to use. Having an insulated garden room means you can enjoy your garden room all year round, staying warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Insulation controls heat flow and noise while stopping condensation in your garden room. 

Stay cool in summer.  

Most people do not realise that insulation is vital in summer too. Insulating a building is not just useful for the winter but is also incredibly beneficial during the summer. When it is cold, insulation works to keep the warmth in your home to prevent you from using much energy to warm a home. Well, it works differently in the summer; insulation stops heat from coming into your home and allows you to stay cool during the hotter months. The insulation in our garden buildings works the same as in your home, and insulation prevents your garden building from overheating during the summer. 

Windows and doors.  

ATT garden buildings are manufactured by us, as well as all our doors and windows. Your garden building will include a door, and then windows are optional. Our carefully chosen windows and doors have double glazing . Double-glazing windows will lose less heat, so your garden building will stay warmer in winter for less money. 


When choosing doors and windows for your garden building, you should consider the U-value of the windows and doors. The lower the U-value, the better insulated your garden room and the cosier your room will be throughout winter. All our uPVC and aluminium doors and windows have a low U-value, ensuring that heat will not be lost from your garden building and saving you money.  

Size of your garden building 

The size of your garden room is essential, especially if you want to keep it warmer in the winter. The larger the building, the more energy will be needed to keep your garden room warm, and the more money you will be paying for your energy bill. A smaller building is much easier to maintain warmth; however, with double-glazed windows and a fully insulated building, you can still keep our larger garden rooms warm during the winter.  

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