Are garden rooms covered by home insurance?

Having insurance for your garden building is important as it will have you covered in the event of a break-in or accidental damage to your garden home. In addition, insurance is essential to relax your mind and protect your important personal belongings.


Insurance on your garden building is not a legal requirement in the UK; however, we highly recommend that you have it, so you are protected if anything unfortunate happens to your garden building. Garden buildings can be costly and contain expensive assets so insurance will cover your garden home and the assets inside.  

ATT Fabrication’s Garden rooms are multi-purpose and can be used for whatever you intend, such as a cinema room or an at-home gym. These garden rooms will have expensive assets such as TVs, gym equipment, technology devices and irreplaceable personal items, which would cost a lot to replace. Having insurance will cover both your garden room and the objects inside.  In regard the question Are garden rooms covered by home insurance? There are a number of factors.


Does home insurance cover my garden building?  

Many people wonder if their current home insurance will cover their new garden buildings. In most cases, your existing home insurance should cover your garden building. However, not all insurance companies will cover a garden room, so it is worth checking. If your home insurance covers garden buildings, you will need to contact them and make them aware of the changes you have made to your home; otherwise, your insurance will not cover your new garden room.  

Choosing both building and contents insurance is recommended to protect you against structural damage, such as that caused by flooding, fires, and theft. This means both your garden building and the belongings inside will be covered in the event of an accident.  

Home insurance companies will most likely cover your garden building if purchased for personal use. However, if your garden room is used for commercial purposes, such as a home salon or beauty room, you will need separate commercial insurance to cover your garden building.  


Commercial insurance is also not a legal requirement; however, insurance for your workplace from break-ins and damage would be sensible and give you extra protection over your belongings and business.


What could affect your insurance?  

In the event your garden building has been broken in, your insurance will only cover if the doors and windows are locked while being unattended. Leaving your doors and windows open and unlocked will make you liable, and insurance will not cover you. Insurance companies will expect you to have appropriate security for your garden building.  

Insurance companies will usually cover your garden building against damages caused by extreme weather such as heavy rain or storms.  


Way to protect your garden building.  

ATT garden buildings have been designed to have a high-security multi-point locking system and are internally beaded for improved security. In addition, we provide 28mm doubled-glazed toughened safety glass to add extra protection to your garden building.  


Another way to keep your garden home safe and secure is to lock all doors and windows when left unattended and install CCTV. Ensure all expensive belongings are hidden away and cannot be seen to prevent your garden building from being a target. 

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