Are garden buildings a good investment?

Deciding whether to invest in your property can be difficult, especially when it comes at a price. However, garden buildings have endless benefits proving they are worth the investment and will improve your home overall.  

Can be used all year round  

Apart from when the weather is hot, which is not often in the UK, we rarely use our gardens. Adding a garden room to your property will not only give you extra space for your home but also get more use out of your garden. Therefore, you can still enjoy your garden and the outdoors all year round, whether it is raining, snowing, or shining. 

Our garden buildings are also fully insulated, so when it is cold, insulation works to keep the warmth in your home, and you will use less energy to heat your home. In the summer, insulation stops heat from coming into your home and allows you to stay cool during the hotter months.  

As our garden buildings are fully insulated, you will not need to worry about the added expense to your energy bill during the winter. 

Cost-effective and requires little maintenance  

ATT garden buildings are cost-effective and require little maintenance. They are designed to last over 20 years, and we provide a 10-year guarantee against warping, cracking & discolouration on all garden buildings – terms apply.  

The garden buildings come as standard with Patent Pending through colour composite cladding which contains no wood fibres or other organic materials. This means it will not absorb moisture, rot, or split and does not attract insects that can be a problem or could damage your garden building. This makes it incredibly robust, even in the most severe weather conditions.  

The cladding has excellent wind, hail, and impact resistance. Even after years of service, it never needs painting or treating, and all it takes to bring it back to its best is a light clean with a garden hose. In addition, we use specially designed powder-coated aluminium corner, end and connecting trims that will not warp, crack, or distort and help your garden building last longer. As a result, additional costs will not be needed to maintain your garden building. 

Add value to your property 

Not only would you be adding to the square footage of your property, but you would also be adding value to your property. Garden buildings are now seen as desirable, especially when used as an office space away from home.  

A garden building can increase the value of your property by around 5%-15%, depending on the quality and size of the garden room. With a garden building, you will gain extra space to do whatever you like and add an extra room to your property.


Do not require planning permission.  

To get a garden room fitted, in most cases, you will not need planning permission; the process of expanding your home will be much less time-consuming than waiting for an extension. Garden buildings do not require planning permission in most cases. If you are looking for a quick and efficient way to expand your living space, then a garden building is the option for you; with no planning permission needed, we can get to work instantly, and we can fully install your garden home within 4-6 weeks.  

Are garden buildings a good investment?